Cash Arroyo Says Marijuana Saved Her From Most Of Her PCOS Symptoms spoke with a few women as part of PCOS Awareness Month to learn more about the disorder and the ways in which they manage it to live their very best lives. When Cash Arroyo was 18, that was the first time she’d ever really heard anything about polycystic ovary syndrome. She told him that her flow during her period had become increasingly heavy, and he told her that her condition sounded like it could be PCOS, that she could find herself struggling to conceive down the line, and that she should get on birth control. It took another six years and suffering with some physically and emotionally crippling symptoms for the Jacksonville, FL resident to be diagnosed by an endocrinologist with the disorder. While some might have been alarmed by the diagnosis, after years of dealing with a lot of pain and very few concrete answers, Cash was actually relieved. In an attempt to find relief, Cash, now 28, has spent years doing what doctors recommended for her situation, which included going to the gym and eating healthy.


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