Cannabis Stocks Green today, What does it mean ?

Disclaimer: I’m not recommending or advising anybody to make a decision please do your research before attempting to trade.

Be sure to manage all your risk and maintain the discipline when trading. I will never tell anyone what to trade therefor you must do your own research before investing. There are many things in the market that could have catastrophic to damage to your account. My main intention is to share as much as my knowledge as possible and help those willing to learn and due there own due diligence. I plan to focus on what drives me and keeps me sane when things don’t go my way ! Remember stay persistent what ever your passion maybe never give up and never give up trying to be better!!!

Cannabis stocks are still volatile there for growth will not be as consistent as other stocks. I look at five of the most common stocks and give my personal opinion.

Remember Trade what you see!!

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