Cannabis News: Canada is Legalizing Edibles

Join us as we explain Canada’s plans to legalize Edibles.

Please check your local and state laws in regards to current marijuana laws – for more information visit:

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So, what’s in this video?

The Story:

Countries surrounding the united states are applying pressure over cannabis. Canada has legalized recreational marijuana, and Mexico isn’t far behind, with both countries putting pressure on America to get its house in order.

Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2018 across all provinces. Mexico has also followed suit with plans to completely legalize marijuana by the end of 2019.

“just made history” currently, there are 11 states and legalized recreational marijuana in the united states, with over 30 states offering some well, some form of medical marijuana use.

All this, while marijuana is still classified as a schedule one narcotic at a federal level. Now that we do is legal, “I don’t have a guilty… ” “but it’s not a negative thing anywhere. ” “which it shouldn’t be. ”

Over the last decade, the war on drugs has had a massive change of direction, with countries around the world softening their stands on marijuana.

Canada is moving forward with their marijuana legalization policy, with marijuana edibles being set to be legalized in December 2019.

There is also the odd fact that over half the states in us, which have chosen to legalize marijuana, share a border with either Mexico or Canada… Decades ago, it was the united states, which was putting pressure on other countries to criminalize marijuana and force the war on drugs.

Now the situation has swung back into the opposite position. Large pharmaceutical companies are also putting increasing pressure on the federal government to legalize an industry that is expected to grow over $25 billion within the next few years.

They want the security of federal financial legalization before they make the next steps, and even larger financial investments, which they have already planned.

Currently, companies involved in the marijuana industry across the united states face in marriott of challenges regarding banking and taxation. Due to the federal ban on marijuana disconnect between state and federal laws.

Federal legalization in the streamline of marijuana laws would have a large impact. Impact on the businesses already operating in multiple states in countries across North America.

Whatever happens in the future of marijuana in North America is definitely looking greener.

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