Cannabis Marketing with StonedGawd, Episode 7: Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum sucks!

This is episode 007 of my vlog! More random clips…

What’s the cannabis marketing lesson for this episode? You want traffic? Have great marketing. You want retention? Have a great product.

Building brands is my passion. Here’s my journey!

Episode 007: I go to the opening weekend of the much anticipated Tim Ho Wan dim sum in the diamond jamboree plaza of irvine… wow, it’s garbage, head to Joshua Tree for Phan’s bachelor retreat, eat the Kabataan meal by RCTNGL, have korean bbq, get art designed by mister toledo, throw a cozy sesh concert with the dirty heads, watch an art installation with high tech lights in the art district la, watch jungle the band perform a dj set, get some crappy dominos pizza, celebrate tim’s birthday, go to an antique theater.


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