Cannabis Industry Recap with Rick of The Delove Group

SuperChronic Interview with Rick Delove of Delove Group

Intro: 0:01
Headlines: 1:19
Trending (Hemp Bill): 2:48
Upcoming Event (Emerald Cup): 4:34
Industry Event (Dope Magazine Industry Party): 5:32
Global Cannabis News: 6:04
FOMO, The Future of Cannabis: 9:05
2018 “Crystal Ball” Recap: 9:30
2019 “Crystal Ball” Review: 12:50
M&A Investments: 14:22
Cannabis IPOs (Dixie Brands): 16:09
Pot Stocks: 17:06
Product Review (Bubba Kush homegrown): 18:00
Shoutout (Christina Heintzelman of Dope Magazine): 18:35
New/ Neat/ Niche (Water Soluble CBD): 19:20


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