Cannabis Industry Recap at CannaCon 2019

The Talking Hedge, episode 7
A week in weed review from CannaCon Seattle 2019

CannaCon Seattle recap: 0:18
Favorite CannaCon Booth (iFillcup): 2:22
Cannabis Collaborative Conference (CCC) recap: 3:24
Cannabis salary & jobs report: 5:43
Bill allows kids to have cannabis at school: 8:04
NY college offers Cannabis Industry Minor: 8:45
Idaho confiscates 7,000lbs of hemp?: 9:27
Superbowl bans $5M Cannabis ad: 10:22
CBD popularity continues in Europe: 11:13
Cannabis discussed at Davos with Global Elite: 12:08
Cannabis IPOs: 13:14
Cannabis Banking: 13:49
Jim Cramer predicts Cannabis Stock futures: 16:31
Cannabis Equities: 18:34
Farm Bill highlights: 20:21
Cannabis Investment recap: 21:13
Self Regulatory Authority ( 24:05
US companies listing in Canada: 24:39
Whole Foods carries CBD products: 26:08
Joe Montana throws in on a $75M joint venture: 26:32
Favorite CCC booth~ Ashlanders CBD joints: 27:23

Links, in order of appearance:


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