Cannabis Bud Dipping with Kangen Water

Grants Pass, Oregon Cannabis Farmer, Danny, dips his full grown buds in Kangen Water 2.5 Hypochlorous Acid to clean and sterilize them before hanging to dry.


▪️Stimulates Germination.
▪️Improves Seeding Development.
▪️Assists Plants In Nutrient & Oxygen Uptake.
▪️Plants Will Grow Faster & Healthier.
▪️Prevents Oxidation of Plants.
▪️Grow More Potent Plants.
▪️Increases Your Yield.

& :

By Alternating the 2.5pH and 11.5pH Water, You Can Also Kill Russet-Mites with NO RESIDUE Because the Water Just Evaporates! 11.5pH Water Also Gets Rid of the Powdery Mildew As Well!



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