Cannabis Banking Recap

Cannabis Banking

Talking Hedge, EPISODE 9~
Florida Seeks Banking Changes for Medical Marijuana Companies: 1:18
Florida Fraud Triggered Largest Ever Bank Collapse In Puerto Rico: 2:51
CA credit union reveals that it’s been banking cannabis businesses for a year: 4:52
Colorado cannabis greenhouse builder files for Chapter 11: 5:36
Is “CBD Coffee” Trademarked?: 7:37
3 States Try Banning CBD Edibles:
How to Legalize Cannabis Throughout US: 10:54
Cannabis exempt from taxes?: 11:25
Marijuana’s Biggest ETF: 15:12
The Winning Strategy for Marijuana Investing: 18:27
Cannabis Penny Stocks Fails to Catch Investor Fever: 19:44
U.S. Hemp Sales Projected $5.7B by 2020: 21:17
Best practices for accounting, tracking and point-of-sale software: 32:50
Financial Modeling: The key component for success: 41:02

Cannabis Investor Panel “Risk Adjusted Returns” at NCIA hosted by Yahoo Finance: 24:02
What Aspects (Other than CEO/Management) of a Cannabis Company are Investors Focusing on? (Checks & Balances)
What Cannabis Sectors are youInvesting in? (Banking /Payment “Solutions”, Cultivation, Lighting & CRE)
How Will Legal Banking Influence Investor Sentiment? (shift strategy from Price-Driven to M&A Model)
What’s the Most Valuable Key Segment? (Data, Genetics & eventually Brands)
How do you Project Regulatory Changes to Interstate Transportation aka “Fragmentation Gap” in your 3-5 Year Financial Model?

CannaVest: “Cannabis market Trends and Consumer Insights” at NCIA: 29:58
What is the Investment Focus for 2019? (Mulit-State Operators “MSO”)
How will Companies Making Money in the Cannabis Industry?
What do consumers want & will the FDA get involved? (accurate dosing)
How will the Retail Experience Change with additions like Delivery? (niche branding)
What Products Would you Recommend Launching Prior to FDA Involvement?


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