Aurora Cannabis Investor Deck Explained

My goal is to help provide education to those who want to learn more about business and investing but don’t know where to start. Investing can be risky however it can also be very lucrative over your life time if you learn to research companies and do it properly. Financial education is not taught in schools which is absurd as most people can agree it should be.

As an adult, if you can stay out of debt and actually save money, investing is a fantastic opportunity to grow your knowledge and the value of your money over time. You can also save a ton of money by learning to invest responsibly with a direct investing account, cutting out expensive fees. This video series will focus on providing more insight into the biggest cannabis companies in Canada.

My next series will be about personal finance. How to Avoid Debt, How to Save Money and Once You Have, What To Do With It? With this information I will highlight the most basic but cost effective long term investment strategy you can start with direct investing. I cannot tell you what to buy but I can show you an effective method that involves automatic deposits and 1 minute a month to take action. This strategy will save you a ton of money in financial advisor fees over your lifetime!

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*Please note that I am not giving any investing advice. This video is for educational purposes only. Invest at your own risk.*


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