9/11 Trulieve BREAKING NEWS Dispesaries RSO WHISTLEBLOWING Disturbing Prescription Medical Marijuana

This is an update for Trulieve dispensary medical marijuana patients over the age of 18.

This detail was told to me by a reliable inside source and I’m relaying it to you so hopefully this issue gets resolved and things change for the better. What do you think about this?

I’m going to start making daily videos of the inventory that Florida dispensaries carry regarding flower. It is such an arduous process here in Florida, trying to find the medication you need, with dispensary constantly out of stock. With multiple websites to check, and the websites are changing minute by minute, shopping gets frustrating and confusing. I want making flower inventory updates as frequently as the Florida medical marijuana community Desperately needs. I hope this helps, and the videos will keep getting better and better, especially with suggestions.I to maybe do multiple videos a day fro here on out. Le me know what you thinkMedical marijuana can be very expensive so it’s important to shop from dispensary to dispensary To stay on a budget and get the medication for your needs

We are not affiliated with any dispensary in any way
Thanks for watching!!


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