2019 Crystal Ball Predictions at Dope Magazine’s Industry Party

Crystal Ball Predictions for 2019…
Recorded at a very lively Dope Magazine Industry Party in Seattle, I apologize in advance for the horrendous audio!

Green Market Report’s the Farm Bill: 0:18
Forbes Predictions For the Cannabis Industry: 0:59
Cannabis Business Executive’s 2019 Trend Predictions: 2:22
Legal Predictions for the 2019 Marijuana Industry: 3:05
Healthy Hemp Oil 5 Predictions: 4:23
MJ Freeway Top 10 predictions: 4:51
Leafly (STATES Act): 5:30
Whole Foods Predicts Hemp for 2019: 6:29
Will Walmart Sell Cannabis in 2019?: 6:39
David Tran, Dope Magazine (Consumption Lounges): 7:29
Miguel a.k.a Miggy420 (Mainstream CBD): 9:06
Christian, Kush Tourism (CBD & Consumption Lounges): 10:07
Levi, LyonPride Music (Expansion): 11:14
Ariel, Leira Cannagars (Expansion): 12:27
Neil, Cannabis City Glass & Gear (Consumption Lounges, CBD, Cannabis Economic Expansion): 12:55
Eddie, Dope Magazine (M&A, Investments, Expansion): 13:18


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