2 ingredient hemp seed bars (vegan friendly)

Lady Janes Gourmet Hemp Seeds http://ljseedco.com?afmc=5u
Learn the simple 2 ingredient hemp seed bars you can enjoy today without feeling guilty as hemp seeds provide massive nutrition for minium consumption, and maximum nutrition! Containing half of your magnesium needs one third of your iron needs and one third of your fiber needs etc.

Use Fruit
Use Hemp seeds
Use Fridge
Use Something to combine them together and wallah!
[[[[[[[[[[[[ 1 INGREDIENT Hemp Seed Bars
GalaxSEEDTM ENERGY BAR MIX This unique hemp blend will provide you with natural energy from the goodness of super seed ingredients.

Make 16 Raw Bars in MINUTES
Non-GMO, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Macro Friendly Dieting
Food Bar, Sport Bar, Meal Bar, Snack Bar
8g complete protein
You Control Your Sweetener
Dietary Flexible
Functional Food http://ljseedco.com?afmc=5u


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